Hey there. I’m J. Riley, an NLP certified consultant and author. I became interested in male psychology when I went thorough my first breakup, because I realised I wasn’t equipped to deal with it emotionally.

My journey took me into a 2 year period of intense learning. I became certified in NLP by the one and only Richard Bandler school of NLP (the original founder) and I became an avid student of psychology, philosophy, and human performance.

I figured my way out of my breakup, as most men do eventually, but I unlocked the key to my potential and became the best version of myself within weeks.

It was then that I decided to write How to Get Over Your Ex, as a guide and manual for men to get over their past and become real men with choices.

I then began toying with online dating and discovered – to my shock – that I couldn’t engage women online. There was no face to face, it was all down to communication.

I knew immediately that I was missing something. There is a subtle way to communicate in the mating game, and this peaked my curiosity.

For the next 6 months, I learned and tested and tested again. I crafted hundreds of interactions and pieced together the most comprehensive online dating strategy for men, which then became the book known as Online Dating Success.

There are many pieces to the puzzle, but they’re not difficult once you understand the game and how to shift your thinking.

The game involves social proof, attraction, and more.

The great news is that almost all men don’t get this at all, so your competition in an online dating site is next to zero.

The two books are essential reading for any man wishing to understand women and to unlock the key to attract high caliber women. This information can and will change your life.

Every man owes it to himself to become the best they can be and get the best they can get. If somebody had offered me that in my twenties, all for the price of half a dozen coffees, I’d have snatched it with both hands.

That said, it’s never too late. Wherever you are in life, you deserve the best you can get so you can enjoy the rest of it.

You can find my books here.

Thanks again for dropping by
J. Riley