Be glad it’s over with your ex

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Following the breakdown of a relationship, many people experience an array of emotions usually associated with the negative. The emotions themselves are neither negative nor positive – they are simply neutral. It’s the individual’s interpretation of the emotions that make them appear positive or negative.

Some of the most common feelings are guilt, loneliness, longing, loss and anger. Some people feel miss their ex so much they grow convinced that they cannot function or live without their ex around. Often times, it is the company and routine that we miss, rather than the person. Be sure to ask yourself if this is the case.

Change the way you feel about your ex. If the relationship is over, then there’s nothing you can do – at least in the short term – so instead of punishing yourself by thinking of what you have lost, instead think of what you have gained.

The fact is that being single – like any emotion – is neither good nor bad; it simply is. In other words, being single is what you think it is. But regardless of what you think or feel about it, the truth is that being single is the same as being free. You are not answerable to a partner any more, which means you can pretty much do what you like.

Use this time wisely. Instead of thinking about how unhappy you are without your ex, realize that you will probably be in a relationship again at some point in the future. That time may be sooner than you think, so what are you doing wasting your free time moping about?

This is the time to hook up with friends; to go on holiday; to visit the places you’ve always wanted to visit and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. This is the time to ‘let your hair down’ and go wild.

Ironically, being on holiday, or somewhere exotic, or out with your friends having a great time, is when your chances of meeting somebody new and exciting at their highest! When you’re happy, others see it and naturally gravitate toward you. Also, when you’re surrounded by friends and having a great time, you’re more open and predisposed to starting conversations with strangers.

Conversely, sitting at home whining about your ex will not create any opportunities whatsoever for you to meet new people.

So start by being glad that it’s over with your ex – the alternative is being miserable about it, and that’s getting you nowhere – and start putting all that free time to good use.

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