Myths and Facts About Why Men Dump Women

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Chris Roberts asked:

One of the questions mostly discussed by women as well as men is “why men dump women”. Although greatly discussed and debated there doesn’t seem to be no clear reason why men dump women. It can be said that a number of reasons may contribute to this. Let’s analyze some myths and facts about why men dump women.

(1) Nagging: While many surveys have shown that women think nagging is one of the primary reason why men dump women the fact is not so. Men may feel irritated by nagging but nagging can never be the real reason for someone to dump a women. Rather nagging is just a result of some other core issues.

(2) Pressure of Commitment: One of the most dreaded reasons for this is the pressure of commitment. When to look for commitment from a man is a very tricky issue as far as women are concerned. The best is to take the relationship ahead step by step and let the feelings and issues settle by themselves. If you are too early in demanding commitment, it may scare the guy off.

(3) Needy: This may turn out to be a reason why men dump women. If you cannot take care of yourself without him how would he think you can take care of him when he needs you the most. Men look for women who can support them when they need it and women who are self assured and confident in life do get more respect and love from their men.

(4) Overbearing: Women need to understand that a man is not looking for a second mother when he thinks of a woman in his life. If he could come this far without your strict control on him he can do so even when you have come into his life. No man likes a tight leash around his neck. Give him the freedom he deserves and don’t try and meddle too much in his life. A big reason for why men dump their women is because the women are too overbearing on them.

(5) Physique: How a woman looks does not really contribute to why men dump women. That could be an issue for a teenager but not for men who understand the value of relationships. A man will loves you for who you are and will not be an issue if you were to put on a little weight.  However, it is good for women to try and be as beautiful and attractive as possible for the men because this gives the men a feeling that you really desire to be with him but it surely doesn’t mean only your appearance would matter in keeping him with you.

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